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Martina Rosa, RCT, ROOT Canal TreatmentDR MARTINA ROSA

A dentist with special endodontic interest is a trained dental practitioner who uses a special equipment in order to treat difficult root canal system. Graduated in 2004(cum laude)in Italy and attended the master of science in endodontics in 2006 in Bologna(Italy) , she works as in-house practitioner with special interest in endodontics.

When does my tooth need a root Canal treatment ?
A tooth need a root canal treatment when the pulp is irreversibly damaged/infected. it may die even without symptoms after a trauma or when there is large restoration(filling or crown), or the pulp inside the tooth could be ingection may spread through the root canal system of the tooth causing a lesion visible on the radiograph or eventually lead to an abscess.

Why is root canal treatment needed?
if root canal treatment(RCT) is not carried out, the infection will spread and the tooth  may need to be taken out. systemic spreading of bacteria has been proved.

What does it involve?
the aim of the treatment is to remove all infection from the canal.the pulp chamber and the canals(1,2,3 or more,it depends on the tooth) are disinfected and then filled to prevent any further infection. root canal treatment is a skilled and time-consuming procedure. sometimes it needs two or more visit,depending on the extent of the infection and on the anatomy of the roots.

Does it hurt?
No,usually a local anaesthetic is used during the treatment . after the treatment sometimes it may feel few days of tenderness or pain,this would be the normal healing of the tooth apex and it can be reduced by taking painkillers.(e.g ibuprofen,paracetamol)

Success rates
Nowadays we can expect a success rates of 90% for first time root canal treatments preformed by an endodontist .the success rate is reduced to 70% when an existing root treatment needs redoing if it has failed. sometimes a surgical procedure(apicoectomy)might be necessary, in these cases this can be carried out by a specialist practitioner in oral surgery.

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